How I Tracked My House Movements Using iBeacons

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Without writing code or an app. Recently, I’ve started experimenting more and more with iBeacons. Being part of the R&D Group at Universal Mind, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of testing and exploration of different products. In doing so, I wanted to see how someone could utilize iBeacons without building your own app, just […]


Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool

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I’m excited to introduce you to Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool. This iPad application is the first journey mapping tool which allows you to capture your customer’s journeys as they happen. It is designed specifically for in-the-field data capture including the ability to capture photos, videos, audio, and locations and associate them with an […]


Customer Experience: Roundy’s CEO Bob Mariano

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Never stop building for change It’s always great to see leaders who really grasp the idea of what a customer experience is, particularly when they know that the experience is always changing. I ran across a cool video story this week on The Conference Room, featuring Roundy’s CEO, Bob Mariano. He has a really great vision […]


The Year of Recognition: 3 Common Sense Actions Trending in CX

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“I hate the idea of trends. I hate imitation; I have reverence for individuality.” -Clint Eastwood, Wild Open Spaces: Why We Love Westerns “Trends lists” are interesting animals. They are trotted out in all industries, targeted at different types of people – all with good intentions to drive a vision forward. Some turn out to be […]


Customer Experience: Kudos to Culver’s

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Real actions aimed at real customers As a customer, we don’t often recognize needs until we run across one that’s unfulfilled. Then, the absence or lack of convenience settles in and we’re made aware of that need. In some cases, business implement processes so users/customers can make those needs known and then sometimes, those needs […]


Design For Sensors, Not Screens

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The Power of Sensors We’ve all heard the statement “Design Mobile First”. Maybe its time to say “Design for Sensors First”. Sensors are going to become more and more incorporated into what we design. They will be scattered everywhere even more so than they are now. From wearable devices to button sized low powered beacons that transmit signals. We need to […]


Sketching: Identifying the Peripheral

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In a past article we posted on contextual design, Joe Johnston talked about the importance of designing contextually and offered up examples of how this is already being done and in what cases designing contextually can make a user’s experience better. In order to design these enhanced experiences, we have to ask, how do we better […]


Customer Experience: The Reality of Understanding the Customer

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Just because something is simple doesn’t mean it isn’t deep. We have been doing quite a bit of user needs studies recently for a variety of clients across multiple segments. While sitting with these clients and discussing what understanding a user entails and what it looks like in an organization, I couldn’t help but notice […]