Shaping The Future: Six Characteristics Shaping Mobile Experiences

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Historically we’ve considered “mobile experiences” to be experiences for consumers on the move. For instance, I consider the Sony Walkman to be my very first mobile experience. I created mix tapes and consumed them whenever, and wherever I wanted. Suddenly the experience of listening to music was no longer tethered to a speaker and an outlet, […]


5 Things to know when Designing for the Apple Watch

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When Apple announced the Apple Watch they added a whole new level of interactions at a personal and intimate level. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when designing for an Apple Watch experience. 1. Its Personal The Apple Watch is made to be worn. It’s not a device that you put in your […]

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Video: Advancing the Human Experience

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Advancing the Human Experience: It’s not just about going digital… In an all-things-digital world, it’s natural to put an emphasis on elements like devices and software when creating a digital experience. But that’s not going to cut it anymore. People aren’t satisfied with just a solution, and it’s no longer about the device — it’s […]


The Intern Series: Seriously, guys

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After meeting and working with many fellows in the both offices, I can say that my first impression was correct—this is a very friendly and cooperative place full of brilliant and helpful people. The atmosphere is lively and easy, although the problems we’re solving are usually tricky and complicated. I always believed that a relaxed […]


Contextual Experiences

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Creating a “Contextual Experience” is the ability to serve up the right content at the right time. iBeacons are a key piece of this contextual puzzle as they allow the ability to serve up “proximity context”. Businesses can now leverage these physical/digital experiences more then they could before. iBeacons can be leveraged to do much […]


UX Soft Skills: Client Interviews

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How often has an initial client interview gone this way? Client: “We really need a new website something that has a great user experience and really engages our customers.” Designer: “Ok great!” Hardly ever. Asking Clients, Why? When looking into a client’s needs the main question to ask is, Why? Repeating this question as much as possible […]


App Unbundling: Simplifying Apps by Breaking Out Their Experiences

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The Monolithic App Things like the hamburger nav and off canvas navigation have become the staple of most mobile experiences -it’s become a problem though. We’ve taken advantage of these features to cram in more stuff and have overloaded experiences beyond what they should be. Mobile apps aren’t meant to house everything plus the kitchen […]


Update for iOS 8 or Add New Features: Where will you spend your time?

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As discussed in our previous blog entry, the announcement of iOS 8 ushers in a host of changes toward how a consumer interacts with the iTunes App Store, as well as the analytics of how those apps are measured. However there have also been some major changes made with regards to how applications are developed. […]