Update for iOS 8 or Add New Features: Where will you spend your time?

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As discussed in our previous blog entry, the announcement of iOS 8 ushers in a host of changes toward how a consumer interacts with the iTunes App Store, as well as the analytics of how those apps are measured. However there have also been some major changes made with regards to how applications are developed. […]


iOS 8: App Store Updates – What You Need To Do To Get Top Placement

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The announcement of iOS 8 brings about a number of changes that directly affect how mobile apps are viewed by consumers and how app data can be measured within iTunes analytics. However, a few simple adjustments can easily be made to help reflect these changes and ensure that your app remains as marketable as possible. […]


Building Great Products Requires UX and Marketing Alignment

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When working on my MBA, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my marketing classes. Like many people, I’d always equated “Marketing” with “Advertising,” and generally – the kind of advertising that tries to sell people things they don’t want. Yet as I dove into the subject, I was surprised time and time […]


Journey Map Sharing

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Our hope in creating Journeys was to provide our clients with a digital platform to map customer experiences. Typically, creating customer experience journey maps is an analog activity involving markers and whiteboards. And while there are digital tools like Visio and OmniGraffle to facilitate journey mapping, they do little more than provide the graphical building […]


iOS 8: Learning Swift

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It’s been one month since Apple announced Swift at WWDC. Since then, many Mac and iOS developers have been busy learning and sharing what they’ve learned about this new language. Apple developers pride themselves on thinking differently. This isn’t always easy though, especially if it requires learning a new language that’s still in beta. What can […]


iOS 8: The Year of Productivity

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Last year, Apple dropped a bomb during the WWDC Keynote with a major overhaul of the operating system design: shifting paradigm from skeuomorphism to a function-led minimal interface design. All year long, iOS developers updated their application to reflect the new design guidelines, creating leaner and simplified user experiences. This year, Apple introduced the same […]


How to Use Keynote to Rapidly Prototype and Visualize Applications

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Apple’s Keynote is a surprisingly unsung hero in a market that is stuff full of specialty prototyping applications aimed at UX and design professionals. And while I’ve been really happy using Axure, Sketch, Omnigraffle and other applications, Keynote is one I keep coming back to for its speed, flexibility and its ability to quickly generate […]


User Experience Research: Good Investment or Waste of Time?

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Most projects at Universal Mind begin with a one to two-day workshop in which designers, developers, business stakeholders, project managers, and subject matter experts are invited to collaborate. This is an essential step for the Universal Mind team as we work together to define the project through requirement gathering exercises and quickly learn the specifics […]


Tying it All Together

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One of the most interesting challenges facing enterprise organizations today is trying to maintain consistency. Consistency across products, consistency in branding, consistency in departmental vision – across the board, enterprises face difficulty “tying it all together.” The potential pitfalls of failing to meet this challenge are well known. Organizations that fail to maintain consistency fall […]